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Your Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Tree Cutting

Close up of Pensacola tree service professional performing tree removal with chainsaw.

Taking care of your trees is an essential component to maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape and it will pay off for you in several ways. By maintaining your trees and getting rid of any hazardous, infected, or eyesore trees you’re not only acting as a good steward of your property but, also investing in an asset that appreciates over time. 

Homeowners can choose to either handle the work themselves or hire the help of some pros. It’s worth the effort and attention, whichever you choose.  

Professional tree trimming is a $29 billion industry today. This means there are several pros you can turn to when you need service. The key is knowing the ins and outs of these projects so that they’re handled correctly. 

Here are some tree cutting tips to keep in mind. 

Understand the Reasons People Get Tree Cutting Services

Cutting and trimming trees is a remedy that can help you for several reasons. It might involve removing a tree entirely, trimming or pruning its branches, or cutting certain portions. 

Some of the reasons that people get tree cutting services including:

  • Trimming overgrown trees that are hazardous to your utility lines, roof, and other parts of your home in the event of a storm
  • Tree care to prevent the growth of diseases, fungus, and other problems
  • Pruning and trimming so that the leaves blossom fully at the crown and to protect the health and structural stability of the tree
  • Cutting or removing a tree that is partially damaged and is now dangerous
  • To add more natural light to your household
arborist tree surgeon using chainsaw to perform tree cutting service on fallen tree after a storm

Consider why you need tree cutting services and figure out what can work for you. 

Consider the DIY Approach

Now that you know you need tree service, are you ready to handle it? You can always hire the help of a pro, but some people decide to do their own tree pruning and cutting services. 

Here’s what to consider:

Decide Whether It’s Worth Your Time and Effort

Only consider handling your own tree cutting service if you feel confident handling it. If it’s out of your realm of expertise, it might make more sense to hire professionals to handle it correctly and quickly the first time. 

Assess the project and figure out what kind of learning curve you’re dealing with, and this will let you know whether you should DIY it or bring in the pros. 

Make Sure to Prioritize Safety

If you’re going to handle your own tree cutting work, make sure that safety is your first priority. Stock up on the correct safety equipment, such as eye wear, thick-soled shoes, gloves, and knee pads. 

Most importantly, handle the job carefully and by following the right steps. People that handle their own tree cutting should also have the best shears and other equipment so that they can address the work correctly. 

Consider Hiring Tree Care Professionals 

You’ll get top-notch results when you work with a tree removal professional that can assist you. These professionals are excellent at what they do and are licensed and insured to handle each project. 

Here’s what you should consider when hiring pros:

Find the Best Professionals for the Job

Vet the experience and knowledge of any tree cutting pro that handles these projects. Look into their Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade, and whether they also belong to organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and state-based organizations. 

Schedule a consultation with a tree cutting pro so that they can survey your property, let you know what work is necessary, and what kind of timetable you can expect. 

When you book a consultation with a professional, they will also offer you price quotes. Removing a tree can cost you between about $400 and $1,200 in most cases. Shop around with a few different tree cutters and get cost estimates to know how much you can expect to pay. 

Get an itemized list of their services and make sure to include any insurance and warranties on the work. 

Prepare for the Project and Cleanup

Make sure that you’re ready to handle the project on the day that you scheduled. You will need to make your area clear and accessible to the professionals and allow them the time they need to work. 

Read through the contract so that you’re clear on the terms of the agreement and the estimated time of completion. When booking with a professional, make sure that they also handle the cleanup so that your yard isn’t littered with branches and leaves once the project is complete. 

After hiring a professional, you can also ask them about any tree service plans they can offer so that you’re always getting the upkeep that you need on the trees in your yard. 

A Guide to Professional Tree Cutting

These tips will help you out when you’re looking into getting the help of a tree cutting pro, or the equipment you might need if you choose to DIY it. 

Your next step is to find the help and service of the best pros available to make certain that your trees are well maintained. So you can rest assured knowing you have a quality landscape that is is building you equity and curb appeal in your property.

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