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Do You Need a Professional Tree Service? Here’s How To Tell

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You can find around 640 species of trees in the U.S., and you might have several types on your property. Trees are an asset that enhance the beauty of your landscape, however at times you might find that your trees pose some risks or need some additional help.

It’s essential to do something when you encounter these times, but how do you know when to seek help from a professional tree service?

If you wish to maintain a beautiful, healthy, and hazard free yard, you will want to contact a tree service if you see any of the following issues or signs.

Tree Stumps in Your Yard

When homeowners have dead or problematic trees, they might decide to remove them. Unfortunately, many homeowners do this themselves by chopping down these trees.

After removing the tree, a stump remains. This tree stump poses problems when you don’t remove it.

First, tree stumps look bad. They look out of place like they don’t belong and can be serious eye sore. Therefore, you might hire a tree service when you need to get rid of tree stumps. 

The second issue that tree stumps pose is hazards. For example, someone might trip over it while walking through your yard at night. You’ll also have to mow around the stump, making mowing more difficult.

Then, you’ll have to trim the weeds that grow around it, leaving you with additional landscape work. 

Tree service companies offer stump removal services. They can remove every tree stump in your yard, regardless of size or age. 

Trees Are Near Power Lines

Most areas have power lines draping above the trees. Unfortunately, tree branches can grow near these lines, potentially causing risks.

Tree branches should never touch power lines. When they do, the electricity can enter the tree and harm people who touch the tree. 

Additionally, tree branches can cause damage to the power lines. During storms it is common, for tree branchs to fall on a power lines, knocking the power out in the area. 

Therefore, you should watch the power lines near your home for problematic branches. To avoid these issues you should consider hiring a company for tree trimming services if the branches get within 15 feet of your power lines.

Many power companies offer tree trimming to keep their power lines safe, but it is your responsibility to keep your trees trimmed. You can notify your power company or hire a tree trimmer to handle the issue.

Branches Hanging Near Your Home

Tree branches might also grow in areas that aren’t safe for your home. For example, are tree branches growing and extending over or near your house? 

These branches pose as a serious liability to your home. High winds can lead to branches breaking. If a tree branch extends over your house and it breaks, it might land on your home.

Afterward, your home might have damage from this event, leaving you with a home insurance claim on your hands. You can prevent this with problem trees by hiring a company to trim these branches.

You might also want to hire them to trim branches hanging over your driveway or near an outbuilding in your yard. 

Dead Trees 

Trees don’t live forever. When a tree dies, it stops pulling in moisture from the ground, and it slowly dies.

You can tell if a tree is dead by looking at it. It’s probably dead if it doesn’t have leaves or new growth. 

While you can leave a dead tree in your yard, you shouldn’t. Dead trees are weak trees, and they pose risks.

For example, a wind storm might cause a dead tree to snap and fall. If the tree is close to your home or car, you’ll experience damage to these things if the tree lands on them.

Dead trees can also fall on power lines, leading to a loss of power. Additionally, people could get hurt if this tree falls. 

Therefore, it is imperative to take preventative measures and hire a tree removal company to remove any dead trees for your yard right away. They can safely remove these trees without harming your home or assets, and they’ll even remove the stumps. 

Improper Growth 

Some signs to hire tree service aren’t as obvious as others. For example, you might quickly notice a dead tree, but you might not notice when your trees are growing improperly or unevenly.

However, most trees require pruning or trimming, as these services encourage proper growth. Therefore, these are preventative maintenance services that help you have healthy, strong trees.

Hiring a company to trim your trees can help protect them and extend their lives. They can trim every tree in your yard to encourage proper growth and look for signs of problematic trees while there. 

They can discuss the issues they find. Or, they might tell you that your trees look good and don’t require any work at this time. 

Sick Trees

Finally, you might want to hire a tree company if you have sick trees. Many people don’t realize that trees can develop diseases, eventually leading to their demise. 

Here are some signs to look for that might indicate sicknesses with your trees:

  • Moldy patches
  • Unhealthy colors
  • Wilting
  • Drooping branches

Trees develop illnesses from a lack of water, pests, bugs, and trauma.

Sick trees require treatment, and it’s vital to seek help immediately after discovering an issue. If you have questions about tree illnesses, you can contact a tree company to ask questions.

Failing to treat your sick trees can cause them to die. Additionally, the disease can spread to other trees in your yard.

Hire a Tree Service to Address These Issues

Your trees are a growing asset that provide shade and beauty for your property, but trees require proper maintenance and care. Seeking help from a professional tree service company is the best way to address these issues.

Contact us at Top Notch Tree Service if you have questions or problems with your trees. We can help with every tree-related issue.