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Professional and Reliable Tree Services.

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Professional and safe tree removal service. No matter the size of the tree we have the equipment to get the job done right.

Residential and commercial tree trimming services. Provided by a Certified Arborist to ensure the trees health and stability.

Land and lot clearing services for contractors and construction sites. We cut, remove, and grind anywhere you need us.

Professional stump grinding services to remove hazardous and unsightly tree stumps from established landscapes.

Professional tree stump removal services for contractors, construction sites, and lot clearing projects.

Why Us?
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40+ Years Experience

With over 40 years in the tree service industry, we know how to get the job done right.

Emergency Services

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services in Cantonment and Pensacola. Licensed & Insured.

Top Notch Certified Arborist

Experienced Certified Arborist on staff to ensure the health & structural stability of your trees.


No Job Is too Big for Us. We'll Get It Done.

Top Notch Tree Service is a locally owned and operated in Cantonment. We provide  tree services in Pensacola and Cantonment for area residents and businesses. With over 40 years of experience working in the tree care industry we take great pride in being a leader in our industry. No matter the size of your tree project we operate efficiently with precision and safety.

We offer a variety of top rated tree services to include:  Tree Removal, Tree Stump Grinding and Removal, Tree Trimming, and Lot Clearing.

24/7 Emergency Tree Services Pensacola Florida

Looking for quality emergency tree removal or tree trimming in Pensacola, Florida or the Cantonment area? Look no further than the experts at Top Notch Tree Service. With over 40 years of experience, we’re your go-to source for storm damage tree removal and tree trimming.

But why is tree removal & tree trimming so important? Dead, damaged, or diseased trees can pose a significant threat to your home or business, and are a serious liability. Removing  or trimming them promptly is crucial to preventing injury and/or damage to structural property.

At Top Notch Tree Service, we understand the importance of having safe and efficient tree removal and trimming services available. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency tree removal and trimming services in Pensacola and Cantonment Florida. So whether you’re dealing with storm damage or simply need to remove a dead or dying tree, we’re here to help. Our team can safely and efficiently trim or remove your tree, cleanup any resulting debris, and provide stump grinding or stump removal services when needed.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for tree removal or tree trimming in Pensacola and Cantonment.

Our Happy Clients!

Prompt service, cleaned work area very well. Will definitely use service again!!!


Top Notch Tree Service is as the name says, “Top Notch”.  David, at Top Notch Tree Service, is absolutely the best tree service in Santa

Rosa/Escambia County.  We had David trim numerous trees on our property as well as take out a huge tree.  They were extremely careful not to damage property and very minimal impact on lawn.  Davis is one who comes to your house and gives an estimate, he is the one who is in the bucket truck trimming/sawing and he is the one that makes sure he leaves the property in great shape.  If Top Notch Tree Service is not who you are using, you are using the wrong tree service.

Jim H.

April 2021

Most excellent and professional service. David is the BEST !!! I have used him for over 20 years and he has never let me down.

R W.

May 2020


Certified arborists are specially trained to identify and treat health related issues in your trees, no matter the tree species.


Not all health issues in trees are readily visible to the untrained eye. Our tree service professionals can identify any health or structural damage in your trees, and recommend an appropriate course of action for prevention or correction.


Top Notch Tree Service's tree trimming is a must-have service for all types of trees. No matter the species, our certified arborists are highly trained in proper tree trimming to improve structural integrity and reduce risks commonly associated with storm damage.


Proper tree trimming is a preventative measure that helps ensure your trees are healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and an asset to your landscape.


Searching for tree trimming in Pensacola or Cantonment FL? Call your Top Notch Tree Service arborist today at (850) 255-4462.

Tree trimming, cutting, and pruning is a vital tree service that serves as a preventative measure to ensure the overall health and well-being of your trees and landscape.


A tree that becomes overgrown at the base, takes valuable nutritional resources away from the tree's crown. This can not only cause the tree to become structurally unsound, but it can also leave the tree more susceptible to pests and diseases. Routine tree trimming and pruning removes any branches that might be ailing, cuts branches away from any power lines or near by structures, and helps ensure wind can pass through the branches, to help keep your trees roots in the ground during storms.


Tree trimming is an affordable preventative measure that can help save you the headache and financial setback of a tree removal down the road.

At Top Notch Tree Service we provide quality tree trimming services in Pensacola and Cantonment FL.

Yes! In the event of an emergency Top Notch Tree Service is on call and prepared to provide emergency tree removal and tree trimming in Pensacola and Cantonment, FL. In the event of an emergency don't wait! Call us today at (850) 255-4462.

As your tree service provider we will clean up, remove, and haul away all debris following your tree trimming and/or tree removal. We take great pride in leaving the job site better than we found it.